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Grown up with LEGO bricks, I started to feel the dicotomy between art and science, between creativity and logic, as the simplest way to express myself.

Child of two worlds, I always tried to overcome obstacles seeking new paths. 

neverendlessly sparked


I started to be equally interested in Literature and in Scientific Subjects, but with awful drawing skills I could not express the last part of my essence.

Then, unintentionally, I was exposed to a media where art and programming had to go hand by hand: the videogames.

When the first Head-Mounted Display (HMD) was announced, I was thrilled by the countless possibilities, so I became one of the earliest HMD adopter as a developer.


Following that way, I sharpened my skills in programming and in creating artistic contents for videogames and, particularly, for Virutal Reality.

Since the initial sparks, the fire of my imagination will always be lit,

ready to light new unexplored paths.

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